Great care should be taken when working with chemicals. It is important to adhere to the following guidelines, which can be applied to all types of chemicals:

  1. Always keep the same type of chemical together.
  2. Always close the containers properly. Never leave any container open so that the gasses can escape.
  3. Place a brick or something heavy on bags that are open.
  4. Never leave containers filled with chemicals unattended.  They should always be returned to their original location.
  5. Always keep calcium nitrate away from other nutrient bags.
  6. Keep pesticide and fungicide chemicals separately from each other
  7. Always mix only one chemical at a time
  8. Never leave chemicals in direct sunlight. When chemicals are mixed, always do it under a roof or in the shade.
  9. When working with chemicals inside a building, make sure all windows are open and that ventilation is adequate. Installing a forced venting system that activates as soon as someone enters the store room is recommended.
  10. Always keep water close by when mixing pesticides and fungicides.  Ideally one should install an emergency shower.
  11. Always lock the doors where the chemicals are stored.