Information about commercial hydroponic farming that can be implemented is very scarce, books tend to be either too scientific or research orientated or too simple, DIY oriented. I have decided, instead of publishing all this information in eBook format, to convert it on a website for FREE. It is more available to more people, without any currency barrier. The theme is written more towards growers starting of or contemplating a commercial hydroponic farm (the emphasis on making a profit), rather than just doodle around in the back yard.  however, there is enough good information available here that your backyard doodling can turn out into a great satisfying experience.

The focus of this site is also more towards hydroponic systems grown in arid climates that do not require sophisticated heating equipment. Once you move towards these extreme climates you require heavy capital investment into the structure and heating equipment, and on that subject, well I’ll need a second web page (or another book).

I discuss the basic important principles that matter and can make a difference in the final design of your hydroponic farm, that in turn can have a huge impact in the efficiency and productivity of the whole system.

Thanks for visiting and please, if you are brave enough, provide constructive comments for all to learn and benefit.

This site is maintained by me alone without outside financial assistance. All the cost of travelling, library books and stock images comes out of my own pocket.  I try and run minimum adds and some affiliate promotional items as not to distract from the real content.

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