Good pest and disease control in hydroponic systems is crucial for a successful hydroponic farm. Soon after the plants have been transplanted, pest and diseases will be attracted to the growth area. It is important to control these pests and diseases in order to harvest a good yield. The registered chemicals that can be used on peppers for insects are (only use registered pesticides and fungicides applicable to your country and area):

  • Aphids: demeton-S-methyl, mercaptothion, oxydemeton-methyl
  • Red spider mite: fenbutatin oxide
  • Thrips: mercaptothion

And for diseases:

  • Bacterial spot: copper oxychloride
  • Powdery mildew: Benomyl, Sulphur

These recommendations must be followed to control most insects and diseases found in hydroponic production systems. The variety of chemicals that are allowed to be used will differ from country to country, so make sure that you get the correct information from your local agricultural extension officer.

In order to calculate an effective pest and disease control program, consult a specialist in this field. A specialist will be able to save significant amount of time and money. Remember always to read the instruction manual before spraying the crop with a chemical even if the specialist has provided dosages. He might have made a mistake.